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1919 Root Beer Float

Made with vanilla Hiland ice cream and 1919 Root Beer right from the tap.

Mug [17 oz.] $4.00

Frozen Lemonade

Our house lemonade blended with Hiland vanilla ice cream.

One Size [16 oz.] $4.00

Hard Ice Cream

Choose from 6 flavors of Hiland ice cream. Enjoy it in a dish or a cake, sugar or waffle cone. Go big and get the deluxe waffle cone!

Prices vary based on options chosen.


Made with 100% real fruit puree, these smoothies are healthy and full of flavor.

One Size [16 oz.] $5.00


Brewed coffee poured over our Hiland hard ice cream for a unique and fun treat.

One Size $4.00

Fruity Blender

Vanilla ice cream blended with fruit flavored syrup, heavy whipping cream, and ice.

One Size [16 oz.] $5.00


Hard ice cream blended with milk to make an easy-to-drink treat.

One Size [16 oz.] $4.00

Smoothie Popsicle

Our healthy smoothie just frozen on a stick. Perfect for the little ones or a small treat. Flavors vary.



Sometimes a smoothie is so good that you wonder if it could possibly be healthy. There's no wondering with our smoothies. They are made with a puree base that is 100% real fruits and vegetables. These wholesome ingredients are boosted with powerful super foods and are a great option for a quick meal or guilt-free snack.

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