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Some of the tastiest products are right in our backyard! Sourcing your food and drinks locally usually means they are fresher and healthier. Less energy was used to transport the product and we all know how good it feels to support our friends and neighbors.

We are always looking for new partnerships. If you’re interested in talking about options, please reach out to our owner, Katie!


Burbach’s Countryside Dairy

Our milk is delivered fresh twice weekly from the Burbach family’s dairy, just across the border at Hartington, Nebraska. Early-risers to our coffee shop sometimes get to say “hi” to the friendly milkman!


Songbird Kombucha

Jacob Fokken, a Yankton native and Mount Marty grad, started to brew healthy kombucha drinks a few years ago, and today Songbird has become a popular — and healthy — beverage throughout the region.


Brandt's Honey

South Dakota is one of the USA’s top honey producers, thanks to nice beekeepers like Merle and Gena Brandt, whose hone we use here at Muddy Mo’s Coffee House.


Backspace Brewing Co.

We teamed up with Backspace Brewing Co. to create Muddy Mo’s Stout! They use our amazing beans to brew a custom stout that is available both at the coffee house and their tap room just a few blocks away.


Cottonwood Coffee

Our beans come from Cottonwood Coffee of Brookings, a small-batch roaster who pays careful attention to quality and sourcing. We love working with Jacob and his crew at Cottonwood.


Muddy Mo’s Eggs

You can’t get much more local than the back room where our chickens roost. Clucks, Nugget and Rooster produce some of the best eggs around (of course we’re biased), which are for sale at the coffee house. 

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